The overtly political material decries the eternal injustices of war and capitalism with their perpetual victims: the working class, the displaced immigrant, the homeless, the soldier in the trenches. Daniel Kahn resurrects several of the noble, passionate songs that were created by Yiddish poets of the last century-- Gebertig, Edelstadt, Beregovski, Sutzkever--as real protest music, and he makes them relevant to our time with his powerful translations: “idle as a CEO”; “the days have congealed into skulls”; “time gnaws you silent and numb.” Several of these songs have their original Yiddish texts printed in the accompanying booklet. In addition, he contributes three songs of his own: the haunting “Sunday After the War”; a sardonic comment on global displacement, “Inner Immigration”; and “Görlitzer Park,” accompanied by thumb piano and Dylan-style harmonica. Also included are a poignant version of the World War I classic, “Lili Marleyn,” accompanied by a musical saw; a classic klezmer piece, the “Zeyde Cohen Medley”; and a hilarious ensemble piece, the anthem of the “Klezmer Bund,” created in 2008 for the Moscow Yiddishfest. This CD is at once a masterpiece of current Jewish music and a demonstration of what our music could still be - inspiring. An essential purchase for all Jewish music collections.